Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Children do their best impressions of Monet and friends

Children do their best impressions of Monet and friends

PUPILS learned about cubism, pointillism and impressionism during a special art week at Watlington Primary School.

Pop art, surrealism and M C Escher’s monochrome art were among the other movements discussed by the different classes and parents were invited in to see their children’s creations.

Becky Jacques, art and design technology co-ordinator, said: “In my class we looked at impressionism and Monet’s work.

“The children had a go at colour matching and mixing colours in a similar style to him. We had a mix of traditional pieces using oil pastels and paints.

“Year six focused on street art and were doing more graffiti-style pieces and creating their own stencils.

“It was really well received. All the comments from parents mentioned how engaged and focused the children were and how much hard work and care they put into the pieces they were creating.

“It’s important we do dedicate our time to more creative subjects. We have such creative children here.”

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