Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Parishes set to disagree over allocation of land for bypass

WATLINGTON Parish Council is expected to object to Pyrton’s neighbourhood plan.

The document names one site for up to 15 new homes — the former Ministry of Defence land at the junction of Shirburn Road and Pyrton Lane — and has been submitted to South Oxfordshire District Council for public consultation.

Watlington is likely to object because the plan does not include land for a proposed bypass which would run to the west and north of the town and is seen as a key part of its neighbourhood plan in order to alleviate congestion and improve air quality in the centre.

Councillor Tom Bindoff told a council meeting last week: “I think we have to say we can’t support their plan because of the lack of safeguarded land.”

Councillor Tony Williamson said there was no need for a “flaming row” between the two parishes. He said: “We don’t necessarily say, ‘we oppose your plan or don’t support it’.

“We can say ‘there are some things which are good and some things we have got reservations and other views on’.

“We can write a letter to that effect.”

Gill Bindoff, facilitator of the Watlington neighbourhood plan forum co-ordination group, said she thought it would be “acceptable” for the council to object over the lack of safeguarded land.

The council agreed to prepare a draft response to be circulated to all members for approval before the consultation deadline of Wednesday next week.

Beechcroft Developments has submitted an application to build a 60-bed care home, 37 assisted living properties and four staff flats on the site named in Pyrton’s plan.

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