Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Volunteers needed for good of town

RESIDENTS of Watlington are being urged to offer their time as volunteers for the good of the town.

The plea comes from the parish council and a resident who does voluntary work.

The council says that spending cuts made by Oxfordshire County Council mean that many of its services have ceased or have been greatly reduced, so parishes need to do the work instead.

It would like people to keep their frontages tidy, adopt one of the town’s plant tubs and help clean road signs and benches.

In a statement, it said: “You may have noticed more litter, weeds and lack of repairs and shabbiness around the town. You may notice things that need doing round the outside of your house and street.

“Small things can make a big difference to where we live and work. Just an hour of your time could have a big impact in improving people’s lives and the wider community.”

The council says its caretaker Bob Thomas can only cover the town centre.

To volunteer, call the council on (01491) 613867.

Meanwhile, Jenny Wilkinson, who lives in the High Street, wants to help residents to find voluntary roles which suit and interest them.

Speaking at the annual parish meeting, she said: “I enjoy volunteering — it gives me great satisfaction.

“There are all different kinds of volunteering you can do. You can do whatever suits you.”

Mrs Wilkinson said a lot of organisations depend on volunteers and offered to talk to potential volunteers to find out what they were interested in and how much time they could offer and then match them with groups that need help.

She also wanted to set up an allotment buddies scheme but hadn’t the time.

If can help, call parish clerk Kristina Tynan on (01491) 613867.

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