Saturday, 23 January 2021

Capturing energy loss

A THERMAL imaging camera could be bought by Watlington Parish Council.

It would cost £400 and would be for use mainly by the Watlington Climate Action Group to survey homes and show how energy efficient they are.

It would also be available for hire by residents.

The group wants to show people the impact of draughts on their heating bills and to encourage them to draught-proof their homes.

Kate Brown, a founding member of the group, told a council meeting that it was proposing to invite people to sign up to receive a thermal image of their home.

The cost for this would be £10 per home, for up to 50 homes, to be funded by the council from money it has set aside for the group.

Each householder who had an image taken would receive a copy, together with an email explaining how to interpret it, what work might be required on their home and some energy saving tips.

Mrs Brown said the purpose of this was to test the level of interest in the community. If the trial went well, the group might be able to offer more surveys, subject to additional funding being made available.

The group also wants volunteers to produce some door draught excluders, which would be provided free to anyone had who received a survey. This would cost £100 for materials.

The council agreed to discuss the issue further.

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