Sunday, 18 April 2021

Artworks inspired by Easter

ARTISTS are showcasing their work at St Leonard’s Church in Watlington as part of a Stations of the Cross exhibition.

The 14 pieces produced by 10 artists were all inspired by Jesus’ journey to his death and are meant to spark thoughts and conversations about visitors’ personal journeys through lockdown.

Rev Daniel Thompson, rector of Watlington, said: “Watlington lies along one of the most ancient roads in Britain, parts of which would have been used by pilgrims in the past, so the idea of a journey that encompasses both a physical and spiritual dimension is one we are perhaps more used to than we realise.”

The exhibition is structured to appeal to those who might not know much about the Stations of the Cross, the 14-step Catholic devotion which commemorates Jesus’ last day on Earth as a man.

Rev Thompson said: “Here in St Leonard’s, with the help of ten local artists, we are aiming to capture some of the power of this ancient journey.

“It may be that for you following the stations is part of your normal Christian devotion, or perhaps you come with a much less defined understanding of faith.

“You may even not believe at all, but whatever you believe you are all welcome to appreciate the power and skill of these incredible local artists.”

The exhibition is open to view from 2pm to 4pm every day until April 2.

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