Saturday, 15 May 2021

Chalgrove and Watlington Division: Jake Brown (Lab)

I LIVE in Great Haseley with my wife and daughter and work as a sponsorship director.

I believe it is time for change. The habitat around the village where I live is being destroyed by poorly thought out housing developments with very little regard for the needs of the community and the environment.

We can all agree there is a need for more housing. However, any new development must also provide the infrastructure to enhance the lives of people in the surrounding areas, provide adequate social housing, and must not permanently destroy the very fragile natural world around us.

As we rebuild after this crippling pandemic this is a golden opportunity to create a vibrant local economy that will provide jobs and security. Young people should be given more employment opportunities through apprenticeships and courses and I plan to work with employers across the region to make that happen. I will also look to create more employment opportunities for people of all ages.

Everyone should expect to live in an area that provides excellent education, a strong community, a thriving natural habitat, a healthy economy and good public services and transport. I promise to fight to provide all this and more.

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