Thursday, 24 June 2021

Poster campaign to ensure businesses re-opening stay safe

Poster campaign to ensure businesses re-opening stay safe

A CAMPAIGN has been launched to support businesses in Watlington as more covid restrictions are eased.

South Oxfordshire District Council has produced posters for businesses, community centres and other venues to put up to help reassure returning customers.

The campaign slogans include “Don’t start counting [your chickens] just yet” and “Keep waiting, good things are coming”.

Banners and guidance have also been put up at parks and playgrounds and the entrances to public open spaces to remind visitors to follow the rules.

The campaign also includes downloadable posters for businesses to display in their windows, table tents and beer mats for pubs and cafés and other signage for guest houses, cinems and theatres.

The campaign and materials are funded by the Government’s Covid Outbreak Management Funding, which is directed at continued efforts to stop the spread of the virus.

Sue Cooper, leader of the council, said: “We launched the campaign mostly to encourage people to go back to their local businesses safely and to comply with the regulations.  

“Businesses and venues are quite pleased that we have taken an interest — the Government thought there should be some help for them opening up.

“We want to encourage visitors to keep their distance and wear their masks, things we have been doing all along and that we should continue doing to keep everyone safe.

“We’re delighted that our campaign has had such a positive response so far.

“We’d like to thank all the town and parish councils who have got involved and helped to keep residents safe and to feel more comfortable in visiting local shops, cafés and community venues again. Personally, I would encourage people to stay outside as much as possible now that the weather allows it and if you want to meet people, try to do it outside.”

 Liz Winton, owner of the Granary Café in High Street, Watlington, said: “We decided to use the posters as they are really eye-catching and well-designed.

“They tell us everything we need to know about covid and the regulations and how to keep everyone safe.

“We have had lots of nice comments from customers, saying how lovely they looked. We are really glad to be part of the campaign.

“We would like to thank everyone who has supported the Granary Cafe during lockdown.

“We are so happy to be able to now invite everyone inside where the measures we have in place to keep people safe have been implemented.”

The café allowed customers back inside on May 17 and exhibited the work of portrait artist Laurence Norman as part of Watlington’s Art Weeks festival.

Ms Winton said: “Our first week back coincided with Art Weeks so we had a very busy time. It was a wonderful way to re-open.

“We were doing takeaway service during lockdown and I feel we have gained new customers through that but we missed our regulars and our older customers who were self-isolating. We did not see them for a long time.

“It was so lovely to welcome them back, lots of smiley faces behind the masks. Everyone was so pleased to be doing something normal.”

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