Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Free art workshops

AN artist from Benson is offering free workshops for people who want to learn how to draw.

Clare Davis was selling her work at the Watlington Christmas market and was struck by how many people said they would love to draw but didn’t think they would be good at it.

She got in touch with local artists who proposed using rhe arts hub at the Methodist church to hold the workshops. 

Ms Davis, who has done illustrations for John Lewis and Extinction Rebellion, said: “I spoke to a lot of people who told me they liked my work and my opening line to them was ‘Do you draw?’ and so many of them said ‘Yes, but not very well’.

“Lots of people lack confidence in themselves when it comes to art. I feel a lot think that they should either draw like Michelangelo or not at all.

“But I love wonky art and there’s no such thing as bad drawing.

“I want to do these workshops to show them some of my mistakes and create a connection so that they can create art too.

“Watlington is such a nice community and I was really lucky to have my work exhibited at the Granary Café. I wanted to give something back, contributing with something that I know.

“After school, art tends to be sidelined, unless you can prove you can make a living out of it, and I would like to change that.”

The workshops will be held at the end of January on dates to be confirmed.

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