Saturday, 04 December 2021

Lighting and sound systems make weddings go with style

THE Henley area is blessed with a wide range of excellent wedding venues, including the River and Rowing Museum, Old Worleys, The Great Tythe at Bix Manor, Luscombe’s, the Chequers at Fingest and Henley Town Hall.

A regular local partner for weddings at these and other venues is Henley Theatre Services Ltd, whose important contribution encompasses indoor and outdoor lighting, public address systems for speeches and music, as well as staging, special effects and electrical power distribution.

Marquee weddings are one of their particular specialities, these often being handled personally by the company’s MD, Derek Gilbert. He said: “It is advantageous for us to get involved from the earliest planning stages so that we can participate with the bride and groom, their planning team and marquee contractor in the decision-making process.

“For example, optimum marquee orientation enables stunning visual effects to be created as darkness falls, with architectural features, gardens and foliage coming alive with light.

“Our theatrical background can be very handy here, and with high-quality sound and staging too. Equally, electrical power can be a big issue. We always try to maximise the power drawn from the venue’s own electrical installation, and minimise any top-up power that has to be provided by a diesel generator. We also do our best to hide cabling.”

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