Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Bench is vandalised yet again

A BENCH on Whitchurch village green has been vandalised for the third time in three years.

Several wooden slats were ripped from the seat and scattered around the field off Eastfield Lane on Tuesday last week.

The £400 bench, which was installed in 2013, was vandalised in 2014 and again last year.

On both occasions it was repaired by volunteers.

Parish council chairman Keith Brooks, who discovered the damage, said: “We found beer bottles strewn everywhere and damage to the bench, which the village paid for.

“This could not have been an accident as substantial force was needed and the broken-off pieces had been thrown around.

“I wish whoever is doing this would cease.”

Earlier this month, vandals smashed a window at the neighbouring sports pavilion. Both incidents have been reported to the police.

There are already concerns about attempted break-ins at the former Eastfield House care home in Eastfield Lane, which has now been vacant for about a year.

People have been spotted trying to get into the premises on several occasions over the past two months.

On July 28, a group of adults was disturbed in the act and fled in a white van and a silver Honda Civic.

Majesticare, the home owner, is supposed to be renovating the building but no work has been carried out for a long time.

The company has not responded to the council’s requests for an update.

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