Sunday, 14 August 2022

Only 20mph on bridge

THE speed limit on Whitchurch toll bridge is to be reduced.

The Whitchurch Bridge Company, which owns the private crossing, is to extend the 20mph speed limit on the Pangbourne approach to cover the length of the bridge up to the toll booths on the Whitchurch side.

It will install “slow down” signs and a rumble strip to warn drivers when they are too near the kerb.

It also will arrange for vegetation along the pavement to be kept short so pedestrians have as much room as possible.

As the Henley Standard reported last week, there have been fresh calls to widen the approach road to reduce the risk of pedestrians being struck by passing traffic.

However, the company says it won’t apply for planning permission for this unless it has detailed evidence of incidents in order to convince West Berkshire Council that the road safety benefits would outweigh the potential impact on the rural surroundings.

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