Sunday, 17 January 2021

Another rider hurt

A CYCLIST was injured at the same spot in Whitchurch high street where another rider was killed a fortnight earlier.

The man lost control of his bicycle as he headed south down the hill and approached the “narrows” at the turn-off to Hardwick Road.

He hit the kerb outside the Modern Artists Gallery and came off, injuring his arm and going into shock. Passers-by looked after him and called an ambulance.

The parish council is calling on Oxfordshire County Council, the highways authority, to repaint white lines at and around the junction. This can’t be done until next year as the weather has turned cold and wet.

Some villagers are calling for a new double white line along the entire length of the hill.

• Cyclist Corey Caton, 12, died after he was cycling down a hill on the B417 at Whitchurch and collided with a Volkswagen van coming the other way on November 7.

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