Wednesday, 08 December 2021

Boy died in crash on new bike

A BOY died in a crash at Whitchurch after losing control of his new bike, a coroner has ruled.

Corey Caton veered into the path of a van while riding down the hilly B471 near the village entrance on November 7 last year.

Oxford Coroner’s Court heard on Tuesday that the 12-year-old from Reading was seriously injured and died in hospital two days later due to a traumatic brain injury.

Coroner Darren Salter said his death was the result of a “tragic” collision.

The court heard that Corey had been riding with his father Dan on the bike he had just been given. 

Mr Caton, who was riding ahead of him, said his son seemed “really confident” in handling it but he had warned him to take care on the steep slope.

In a statement read out in court, van driver Kamil Kolodziejczyk said he braked after he saw a cyclist approaching “very fast” 
from the opposite direction before it veered into the side of his van.

Mr Kolodziejczyk was using a hands-free phone when the impact occurred but police concluded this had no bearing on the tragedy.

Mr Caton rode back uphill when he realised his son wasn’t behind him and said his “heart sank” when he saw him lying unconscious in the road.

Crash investigator Luke Webb said the speed of Corey’s bike was the most likely cause of him losing control on a “fairly sharp” bend.

A solicitor for the boy’s mother had urged the coroner to rule that Mr Caton was negligent in his supervision but Mr Salter said the case “fell a long way short” of this.

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