Monday, 04 July 2022

Whitchurch Hill WI

Whitchurch Hill WI

DURING the lockdown the WI is, of course, a very different set-up to normal.

Our members reside around Whitchurch Hill, Whitchurch, Purley-on-Thames, Tidmarsh and the Tilehurst borders.

While those around the village might see each other out exercising, many do not. Contact is maintained by email and the telephone.

We’ve rallied round — at a safe distance of course, to cheer on special birthdays and wave off one of our members as she moved away to the south coast. (Yes, for some, life has gone on as planned).

Others have involved themselves in assisting with the local volunteer groups, with prescription runs and making masks as well as shopping for others. On VE Day some of us managed to have our own commemoration. Flags were raised, scones baked and plenty of tea drunk.

While we look forward to a greater relaxation of the rules put in place to protect us, we enjoy what we can.

We have additional times on our hands, quieter roads and louder birdsong.

We enjoy taking the time to chat to those we pass on the street or country lane. We help where we can. We may not be physically together as a group but we are in spirit.

Sally Bergmann

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