Monday, 16 May 2022

Greetings all, from Terry and Tom

TERRY Colby and Tom Orpwood are the new owners of Wallingford Butchers. Despite the age difference

TERRY Colby and Tom Orpwood are the new owners of Wallingford Butchers. Despite the age difference between them, they have very similar views on their trade...

WE have a commitment to top quality produce and very much want to support British farmers who exercise high standards of welfare and respect towards their animals.

We use local suppliers where possible but wherever they are they have to meet our standards of quality.

We are very much a traditional butchers stocking all the regular meats but also enjoy offering ox/pigs’ cheeks, kidneys, calves’ liver, osso buco and tripe. English rose veal is often in stock.

The game season is now upon us and we have a whole range of game birds as well as guinea fowl and quail and also venison regularly stocked. More unusual meats like wild boar can also be supplied.

As well as a wonderful range of meats we have a very well stocked fresh fish counter. We take deliveries four days a week of a very diverse selection including not only the usual cod and salmon but hake, halibut, john dory and octopus, to name just a few. All can be skilfully prepared to your requirements.

Lovingly produced cheeses are also stocked in our shop — some of them from the wonderful range of British artisan cheeses now available. We also stock some of the French and Italian classics and can often supply some that are not regularly stocked.

With Christmas not far off we are taking orders for local free range turkeys, geese, chickens and ducks. Ribs of beef are always popular and French specialities such as foie gras, confit and cassoulet are also in demand.

Allied to our quality produce we also give skilful, knowledgeable, helpful service and would be very happy to see you in store.

Ask about our delivery service. We have special offers on Facebook and often post recipes there. Our website shows our displays.

The shop is open from Tuesday to Saturday.

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