Friday, 23 April 2021

Family bed down on doorstep for charity

A FAMILY raised almost £800 for a homelessness charity by sleeping on their front doorstep for a night.

William and Jo Quinton, of Greenmore, Woodcote, were joined by their children Katya, 16, and Alexia, 14, for the challenge in aid of Reading’s Launchpad charity.

They put out flattened cardboard boxes to serve as makeshift mattresses then slept in sleeping bags while wearing several layers of clothing.

Despite temperatures of about 4C, the weather remained dry so they were able to sleep the whole night through and didn’t have much trouble drifting off.

Mrs Quinton, 48, who is a teacher at St Joseph’s College in Reading, came up with the idea as her school organises a similar challenge every year but called it off this year because of the coronavirus outbreak.

She says her daughters weren’t “desperately keen” to take part but were glad they did it afterwards as they raised more than three times their £250 target.

“We had a little bit of cover from the porch but that was it,” said Mrs Quinton. “We were very pleased that we missed the rain because it absolutely tipped it down the following afternoon. It was pretty uncomfortable but at least we were warm.

“We started at about 10pm and William decided he’d had enough when he woke up at about 6.30am but we all slept until the morning.

“It brought home how difficult it is for homeless people who don’t have a nice warm house to spend the day in.

“A lot of our neighbours were glad not to be doing it themselves and were very generous with their donations.”

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