Wednesday, 08 December 2021

Pre-school retains good rating after inspection

THE Cabin Pre-school in Woodcote has retained its “good” rating from the education watchdog.

An inspector from Ofsted visited the premises, which is in the grounds of Woodcote Primary School in Reading Road in July.

Jayne Cole, manager of the pre-school, said: “Due to the pandemic, we weren’t expecting an inspection and thought it would be left until the next school year.

“But the inspector rang on a Monday morning and said she was coming the next day.

“It was nice to get some notice but things had been so difficult because of covid so we didn’t feel fully prepared.

“She was here for about six hours, mainly watching the children outside.

“The parents gave her really good feedback, which is nice, and she was really impressed with the children’s behaviour.

“There was a funny moment when she asked what we do to celebrate diversity and I just pointed to the boys who were all sitting at our toy dressing table doing their hair, copying the way their mums would do theirs.”

The inspector’s report said the pre-school provided a welcoming and secure environment for children and that they were happy and settled.

She said the staff were kind and reminded pupils to be polite.

Ms Cole said: “It would have been nice to be outstanding in some areas but with the pandemic and everything, I think we did really well.

“Our inspections before were always good but it’s quite nice to have kept up the standard.”

The pre-school can take up to 20 pupils per session and there are currently 20 spaces available.

Ms Cole said: “It’s a great place for the children to come because they’re in the school grounds so they can see the school and get used to being here.”

This was the pre-school’s first inspectrion since it became a charitable incorporated organisation in 2017.

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