Saturday, 04 December 2021

High-speed broadband opportunity

NEW high-speed broadband is to be installed in Woodcote.

Airband, an independent internet provider, has been asked by Oxfordshire County Council to provide its service to homes and businesses in the village.

A representative of the company gave a presentation to Woodcote Parish Council to prepare residents for work beginning in the next few weeks and scheduled to finish early next year.

The company will be in contact with 150 homeowners to ask if they are interested in being provided with full fibre broadband. If they are, a green broadband box will be installed on their street.

Airband will also build on the old green BT Openreach boxes and use the existing telegraph poles but replace the copper lines with its own fibre cables.

This will mean anyone on that street who is interested will be able to get their home connected and they will receive information leaflets through their door.

People living in other streets are invited to enquire with Airband about coverage.

Residents can go to and enter their postcode to find out if their home could have access to coverage.

It will cost £30 a month for a “Fibre 100” package or £37 per month for “Fibre 200” package with a download speed of 250 megabits-per-second.

If villagers are currently with another provider, Airband says it will pay the standard termination fee to transfer.

Robin Peirce, vice-
chairman of the parish council, said: “I think this will be attractive to quite a number of residents, especially those who work from home and rely on high-speed internet.”

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