Friday, 03 December 2021

Wildlife would be disturbed

MARCELLUS BROWN says he is currently entitled to use the land for a range of agricultural activities and to host events which could include motorcycle races and speed rallies.

Andrew Gray, his planning consultant, said the installation of the cabins would mean all this would stop so there would be less noise and traffic.

He said: “Those activities would result in dust, noise and generally adverse effects far more harmful than those which would occur as a well-designed holiday accommodation area formed to the highest standards.”

Parish councillor Richard Fletcher said the activities could still take place on the rest of the land, so the new traffic would be additional.

Julie Warner, who lives in Tidmore Lane, said: “My field has been managed within the confines of restorative agriculture before that phrase was a phrase. It has not been felled once in the 33 years that we’ve lived here.

“The added hedge growth has provided habitats for a number of species and lapwings nest in the area.

“We had 54 grass snakes transferred to our field about 10 years ago from a building site that needed them moved and they can still be found warming up under pieces of corrugated iron in the summer months.

“We have numerous bats, owls, pheasants and sparrowhawks as well as the song thrush and skylarks which are a particular favourite of mine.

“The work and added noise would be a disturbance to wildlife in the area.”

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