Friday, 19 October 2018

Residents upset at new plan to develop field in quiet lane

RESIDENTS are objecting to another plan to develop a greenfield site in a designated “quiet lane”.

Architect and planning consultant Yvonne Howie, of Twickenham, wants to build a six-bedroom house at Kingwood Farm in Wyfold Lane.

It is her fourth application in almost six years to develop the land. Two of the previous applications were refused planning permission and the third is the subject of an appeal.

In the latest proposal, Ms Howie says the two-storey house would be built into the ground to reduce its impact on the countryside.

She says: “The house will be set 120cm down into the site, which slopes away from the entrance by about the same amount. This will result in a house with a roof at ‘bungalow’ level.”

The house would face Wyfold Lane so would be an “extension” of the existing houses and the scale would be close to the properties in both Wyfold Lane and Chiltern Road.

“It is set close to the eastern boundary in order to maintain the natural line of development of Chiltern Road. Neighbours’ views over open countryside will not be interrupted,” says Ms Howie.

More than 40 residents have objected to the application, as has the Oxfordshire branch for the Campaign to Protect Rural England.

Their concerns include the impact on the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the additional traffic and safety of the access in Wyfold Lane and the danger of a precedent for future development being set.

Marie Louise Carey-Morgan, from Wyfold, says: “This is an area of outstanding natural beauty which has already become corrupted by the erection of several houses adjacent to farm and parkland.

“Wyfold Lane has been designated a ‘quiet lane’ but is already losing this status because of the building works/extra traffic engendered by the above.

“Any further building would create increasing traffic flow and erosion of the actual lane, totally corrupting the peace and beauty of this area. We all recognise the need for ‘affordable’ housing but this application is simply a property development scheme for capital gain at the expense of a treasured and irreplaceable area of natural beauty.”

Richard Hall, of Wyfold Lane, says: “We are very concerned that any significant increase in traffic in this designated AONB would involve a loss of amenity and make this far less safe for those that live in and enjoy the lane and its surrounding views.

“If this development was to be permitted it would set an unwelcome precedent for the future development of adjacent greenfield land.”

John Wilesmith, of Esther Carling Lane, said: “This is another in a string of applications by this person that proposes a totally unsuitable development in the AONB.

“The parish council has established that there are adequate plans for residential development in the area that do not require encroaching into the AONB with an isolated development via a totally unsuitable narrow lane.”

Helen McClure, of Dove Lane, said: “If building is allowed on this site it could set a precedent. This is the most recent in a series of planning proposals by the applicant and it feels as though they think they can bulldoze their way through by sheer persistence, repeating falsehoods and wearing down the local residents who care strongly about our countryside.”

Sue Rowland, chairwoman of Peppard parish council’s planning committee, said: “This application does not meet the needs or development preferences of our residents and there are numerous other schemes addressing local housing needs in the area.

“The application site lies outside the built-up limits of Rotherfield Peppard and is not infill development as the site is separated from the nearest house in Wyfold Lane by a considerable distance and a 15-acre wood.”

In 2012, Ms Howie was refused planning permission for a three-bedroom house for an agricultural worker and in August 2015 her application for seven houses was turned down.

Another application for seven homes was refused a year ago but Ms Howie appealed and a decision is awaited. A decision on the latest application is due by January 17.

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