Thursday, 22 April 2021

Cashless moorings payment

PAYING for temporary moorings in Henley will become cashless from next month.

Boat owners stopping overnight at Mill Meadows will now have to pay online, by telephone or by using a Smartphone app.

The option to pay with cash at the parking machines has been removed to reduce queues and to help streamline the process.

The new provider of the online and app payments is

New signage is also due to be installed at Mill and Marsh Meadows with the necessary information.

The move was approved by the town council’s recreation and amenities committee.

Councillor Glen Lambert was concerned that the new payment methods would rely too much on technology.

He said: “What would happen if someone drops their phone in the river and says they can’t pay?”

Kellie Hinton, who chairs the committee, responded: “Most people have a number of devices, especially with what has been happening the past year with the pandemic, so I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t use a cashless payment.

“There are other moorings along the River Thames that are cashless and this helps us manage it.

“The benefits outweigh the risk of people dropping their phones in the river.”

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