Sunday, 13 June 2021

Our new treatment can clean your eyelids

Our new treatment can clean your eyelids

EVER wondered what it would be like to be able to actually clean your eyelids?

Well, now it is possible in Henley with BlephEx™ — exclusively at Frost Borneo Opticians in Hart Street, Henley.

BlephEx™ is the first and only clinician treatment available for blepharitis — a common, recurrent eyelid condition that causes sore, red eyelids.

BlephEx™ is a revolutionary, patented handpiece used to, very precisely and carefully, remove debris from and exfoliate the eyelids.

Jason Smith (FBDO CL) who carries out BlephEx™ treatments at Frost Borneo has already seen amazing results in the reduction of blepharitis in patients receiving BlephEx™.

He says “With this treatment we finally have an extremely efficient but very simple way to treat blepharitis and the associated lid issues this can cause. It really is revolutionary.”

Frost Borneo optometrist Kirin Dhendsa (BSc Hons, MCOptom) added: “BlephEx™ is an amazing tool! It is now an important part of our dry eye protocol.

“Our patients find the procedure easy to tolerate and report significant improvement in the eyes following treatment. Plus, it makes their continuing home treatment far more effective.”

Stephen Pawlyn, who received the new treatment in November, said: “Following this treatment my eyes feel normal again and I no longer have to use dry eye drops.”

For more information on BlephEx™ call Frost Borneo on (01491) 574091 or call in to the branch in Hart Street.

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