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Girl thrilled with success of takeaway pizza business

Girl thrilled with success of takeaway pizza business

A TEENAGER who started a pizza business says she is delighted at how popular her food has become.

Kira Greatrex, 16, from Charvil, began by selling homemade pizzas to her neighbours during the coronavirus lockdown last year.

Her family bought a pizza oven three years ago and she decided to use it to earn some money because all her babysitting jobs had stopped.

She took online courses in food hygiene and catering and then registered with Wokingham Borough Council as a food seller called simply Charvil Pizza.

Kira, a student at the Piggott School in Wargrave, makes up to 40 stone-baked pizzas a week, which she cooks and sells on Friday evenings.

Orders are taken the day before and collected from her family’s home in Charvil House Road in time slots in order to comply with coronavirus guidelines.

The pizzas, which are served in recyclable cardboard boxes, include margherita, vegetarian, Hawaiian, ham and mushroom and barbecue chicken, which is the best seller.

Prices range from £6 to £8 and Kira adds basil, black olives, chillies, rocket and parmesan shavings free of charge.

She said: “We’ve always been a family that cooks a lot and I always really liked cooking pizzas.

“I looked into it and there are a lot of regulations, so I had to do a lot of courses and research to make a business out of it.

“I think it was coronavirus that encouraged it because I lost all my babysitting work due to the lockdown and I wanted to save up for university.

“My family encouraged me to take it further. It had a slow start but recently it has become a lot more popular and most weeks I am fully booked. The oven is in the garden and we have a set-up inside where we make the pizzas.

“We are looking into doing delivery but at the moment people are collecting them.”

Kira is helped by her parents, Steve and Romany, both 47, and her sister Teya, 17, who is also at the Piggott School. Her mother is an administrator at the secondary school and her father is an aircraft engineer for Boeing.

Mrs Greatrex said: “We’re extremely proud of Kira. She has looked out for business ideas from a very young age and she’s always had a keen eye for it.

“I’ve had a few home businesses in the past, so I’ve tried to steer her in the right direction and give her any advice I can. I think people have been surprised as they don’t expect such a small local operation to be so good. I don’t think they even realise it is run by a teenager. We’ve had so many repeat orders.

“It’s also good for the area because we don’t have many restaurants in Charvil and with everyone being stuck in lockdown it is nice to have a local and affordable treat on a Friday night.”

Kira enjoys balancing the business with her GCSE studies.

She said: “I only do it one night a week so that it doesn’t interfere too much with my studies.

“I hope it will look good on my CV. I would like to go into business but seeing how hard food catering is, I’m not sure I would pursue it as a career.”

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