Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Girl sells virus design T-shirts

Girl sells virus design T-shirts

A TEENAGE girl is raising money for the NHS by putting her artistic interpretation of the coronavirus pandemic on T-shirts.

Grace Keevil, of Victoria Road, Wargrave, was inspired by other people raising money for the frontline health staff helping people with covid-19.

The 15-year-old, who is passionate about art, took two days to come up with the botanical design for her T-shirts with flowers replacing a pair of lungs.

She said: “I thought about it for a while and once I knew what I wanted I got down to it.

“Covid-19 obviously affects the lungs and the reason I wanted to use this design was to symbolise growth.

“This is a challenge for our society and we are going to grow through it but the only way we are going to do that is by staying strong together as a nation. Seeing other people raising money really motivated me to do it.

“I am quite artistic and I wanted to use that to help other people. I knew that even if I didn’t make much, I would still have made a difference.”

Grace is selling the T-shirts via social media for £18 each and has already received around 60 orders, raising more than £700 for NHS Charities Together.

She said: “I have been really surprised by the response. I thought it would be quite a small thing but it has done really well.

“I am really proud of what I have done and I think it could really help, even if it is not as much as other people have raised.”

Grace has been home-schooled during the lockdown with her younger sister Rosie, 13, a fellow pupil at the Piggott School in the village.

“I find drawing to be really enjoyable and a good release,” she said.

“I definitely want to pursue art. It is a great form of expression and I would urge other people to do it.” The girls’ mother Pat, a pre-school teacher at Hare Hatch Montessori Nursery, who has been able to work remotely during the lockdown, said she was proud of Grace.

She said: “She came up with the idea all by herself two weeks into the lockdown.

“We have all been touched by what has been going on and everyone wants to do their bit.

“Grace has this great artistic talent and she wanted to use that to help others and raise some money. We can all feel a little bit helpless in this situation but this is something practical that she can do.

“It is a really beautiful piece of artwork and we thought it would look really nice on a T-shirt so we sent it off to a printer and got a prototype to see how it looked. When it came back we were blown away by how amazing it looked.

“We are processing orders and printing on demand. The first batch was about 40 shirts and since then we have had orders in dribs and drabs.

“We can pretty much print on demand but the delivery and printing costs come down with more orders. If somebody wants just one shirt then we will still do it.

“I am really proud of Grace. I think this is a big boost for her confidence.”

Ms Keevil added: “The girls are doing really well with the home-schooling. They are very self-sufficient and independent and they are very good at organising themselves throughout the day.”

If you would like to buy a T-shirt, email patmkeevil@gmail.com

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