Saturday, 21 May 2022

Spring forward

Spring forward

CHILDREN planted spring bulbs at the Elizabeth Court retirement complex in Wargrave.

The six beavers and two cubs from the 1st Wargrave Scout Group were joined by their leaders, Stu Hounsell (grey wolf), Mike Smith (fox) and Sarah Lewis (brown bear).

The bulbs included tulips, muscari and narcissus. The youngsters also planted skimmia japonica rubella.

Jennifer Hayward, housing manager at Elizabeth Court, said: “In spring it will be lovely for the residents to able to see the flowers.”

Mr Smith, leader of the beavers, said: “The children cleared all the weeds and leaves from the plot next to a seating area.

“Hopefully, when spring arrives, it will look good and bring some pleasure.

“Elizabeth Court kindly provided some juice and sweets for the beavers, who all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

“We want to get the beavers involved with activities outside and to help the local community.

“There are 18 beavers in total but getting together over the last year and a bit has been restricted by lockdowns so we are planning to be outside as much as possible.”

Picturde are beavers William Lewis, Alex Kosoric, Marnie Smith, Josie McMahon, Sam Paddison and Thomas Hounsell and cubs George Hounsell and Jacob Smith

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