Saturday, 15 May 2021

Benson and Cholsey ward: Katharine Keats-Rohan (Lib)

I HAVE lived in this beautiful area for many years and have come to politics late in life following the EU referendum of June 2016. So much pain could have been avoided if councils had been allowed to address longstanding problems at a local level.

After years of Tory cuts, local services have been cut to the bone. Early years and youth services are a ghost of what is needed, and health and social care is massively under-resourced.

The road network has fallen into a cycle of patch and mend, which can be downright dangerous for cyclists. In South Oxfordshire, crossings over busy roads that divide over-developed communities take years to deliver.

The council has declared a climate emergency, yet is signed up to Government schemes that demand 100,000 extra homes by 2031 and yet more roads. Homes are not truly affordable, which is driving inequalities and deepening the housing crisis.

People are rightly concerned about all this and I will work hard to ensure that cycling and walking get the priority they deserve and to see that promises already made are kept.

I’m pleased to have the support of the Green Party, as we already work together successfully in South Oxfordshire, achieving real change.

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