Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Growing waiting list for scouts

THE chairwoman of the 1st Benson scouts is appealing for more leaders to join the group.

Tara Mead said about 70 children were currently on a waiting list to join the group so adult helpers were badly needed in order for it to expand.

At the moment it has 13 leaders for 66 children.

The group is looking for a new base as the scout hut in Littleworth Road, which is owned by the parish council, is nearly 80 years old.

In the meantime, the building is being extended in order to cater for more children and the work is due to be completed in the new year.

Ms Mead, who lives in Pensfield, said: “We are still looking for a new base and are working with the council but we don’t have any concrete plans at the moment.

“With the new housing developments being built, we expect we will get even more interest as more families move to the area.

“Our main drive at the moment is getting more leaders and we are looking in the wider community for anyone who feels they could help.

“It’s really something anyone could do. You don’t have to have children to join — it’s a great way to give back and support young people in Benson and the excitement on their faces when they are learning new skills makes it really worth it.

“The more people we get, the more children we can take. Being part of a scouting group gives young people independence and provides them with new skills.”

The group has been looking for a new base for more than a decade.

In 2012 the council drew up plans for a new scout hut on Bertie West Field, off Horseshoes Lane, but these were scrapped after opposition from residents who were concerned about access to the site and the threat of more traffic.

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