Monday, 29 November 2021

Accident blackspot measures working

Accident blackspot measures working

NEW safety features which were installed at an accident blackspot in Binfield Heath appear to be working.

There have been no reports of incidents at the Coppid Crossroads, the junction of Emmer Green Road, Sonning Common Road and Harpsden Road, since October.

Previously, there were at least three crashes within a matter of months.

Oxfordshire County Council, the highways authority, introduced a number of changes at the crossroads in response to concerns raised by residents and Binfield Heath Parish Council.

The new features include an entrance gateway and additional “Stop” signs with a fluorescent border. “Dragon’s teeth” markings on the road, which give the impression that it is narrowing, were created and the existing road markings were repainted.

Paul Rollason, chairman of the parish council, said: “There has been an improvement because there have been no incidents that we are aware of since October.

“The issue was always traffic coming from Binfield Heath towards Sonning Common and time and time again vehicles were failing to stop at that junction.

“It is fair to say there isn’t as much traffic on the roads, so maybe we will have to monitor it until the end of the first year but my feeling is it works. It is so clear, you can’t miss it.”

Parish councillor Lis Ransom said: “We would be very keen to hear what people have to say. I think it is an improvement and we’re quite pleased with it.

“It also looks nice but we would like to know what other users think. There were a lot of opinions about it beforehand.

“Because I am aware of how many awful things have happened there, I always go there with extreme caution. I think the changes have drawn attention to the crossroads.”

The most recent collisions at the site have involved cars hitting the brick wall at Chapel Cottage.

Efforts to persuade the county council of the need for improvements were helped by county councillor David Bartholomew.

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