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Leaders in nurture for 25 years

IF most parents knew just how significant their child’s early years’ development was to their entire

IF most parents knew just how significant their child’s early years’ development was to their entire life, they would be a lot more selective when making choices about their child’s nursery education.

It all comes down to the way a child’s brain develops.

In the early years, children’s brains establish many connections and pathways.

Actions and experiences etch these pathways on to the brain, until they become sufficiently strong that they become permanent.

It could be that your child’s life chances and entire future education, depends upon the quality of their early years experiences.

Many parents possibly have no idea that the nurseries they entrust their children to can have a profound impact on their child’s future life — so choosing the best nursery is vitally important.

For 25 years staff at Denning Montessori Nursery and Forest School — Henley’s first Montessori school — have been leaders in nurture, with an acute level of knowledge and understanding of just how important children’s early years are, and a commitment to provide children with world class nursery education.

Under the dedicated leadership of the school’s founder and principal Jenny Blain, who last year won a national award as one of the five most inspirational people in the childcare sector, the school has created and refined a unique ethos, environment and curriculum.

The school typically attracts the most discerning and caring parents, many of whom travel long distances to give their children the very best nursery experience.

An exceptional reputation, a track record of success, and proven results, consistently show that Denning children typically thrive in their further education and life, and develop into happy, balanced and successful adults.

The school offers “free entitlement” which makes the highest quality nursery education affordable.

Denning Montessori is located in Fawley, eight minutes from Henley town centre. Some places are available for September.

For more details email Jenny Blain on or telephone 07982 620710.

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