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Mother and daughter box clever with gifts business

Mother and daughter box clever with gifts business

A MOTHER and daughter have started a business selling gift boxes, prompted by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Josie and Izzy Colin, of Church Lane, Peppard, came up with the idea for Treats for the Queen during the first lockdown in March 2020.

Miss Colin, 21, began sending friends and loved one boxes of gifts to cheer them up and suggested to her mother that it could be an idea for a business.

Mrs Colin had just left her 
maternity cover role at Ella’s Kitchen in Rotherfield Greys, which makes organic baby food, so was looking for a new challenge.

Her daughter set up the company’s website and Instagram account in December 2020 but has since got a job as a talent assistant in London so Mrs Colin has taken charge of the business.

She said: “It has given me something to focus on. It has been good to have my own business and to see it grow. It has been going for just over a year and is great.

“I’m not paying myself a salary yet but I’m in profit and am really happy with how it’s going and how it has been received.

“I love getting feedback from people saying how they felt getting a box. It’s a feelgood company.”

Mrs Colin, who lives with her husband David, a company director, and two other children, Scarlett, 20, and Finn, 17, said the experience had helped her.

She said: “I left Ella’s Kitchen a week before the first lockdown and the job had really helped my confidence in the workplace as I hadn’t had a full-time job since having kids.

“We were in lockdown and I was really looking for a challenge. I had a void in my life and wanted to fill it with something so I talked to the family about opening my own business. Izzy and I were spending a lot of time together and she had been sending these boxes to her friends with something like a chocolate bar and a little note. 

“At the time my friend’s mum had died and it was her daughter’s birthday and it didn’t feel right sending money so I made a gift box like Izzy’s for her. I sent another one to a friend who was struggling with bowel cancer. 

“Izzy then suggested doing it as a business, so I spent some time researching similar businesses and deciding what I would want to do for my own business.

“We decided to go with a pamper night theme. I researched kind companies, as that was something Ella’s Kitchen valued and had rubbed off on me, so I looked for gorgeous products with the quality I needed. I also wanted them from British companies.

“Friends and family were brilliantly supportive and Izzy set up the website and the Instagram and gave me tips on how to carry it forward and I’ve learnt so much on the way. 

“We then introduced corporate packages for companies that want to send wellness gift boxes to their employees or have a box for new starters.” 

The company now has a range of gift boxes with products such as face masks, candles, chocolate, pillow spray and hand lotion, which “even the Queen would be delighted to receive”. One box is called “Blow the blues away”. 

Mrs Colin said: “It was a way of encouraging people to take time for themselves. When people are sent these gift boxes it’s like they have permission to take time off, have a cup of tea with some chocolate and light a candle and take a bath.  That’s the ethos behind it all. Everything is about making people feel better.”

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