Thursday, 23 September 2021

Where will the sun hit your home or garden?

STANDARD Property has found a great app if you want to find out which parts of

STANDARD Property has found a great app if you want to find out which parts of your home will be bathed in sunshine and when.

Perfectly suited to house hunters and homeowners alike, this nifty tool will show you where and when the sun’s rays will hit a property.

Sun Seeker can be downloaded on to smartphones and tablets to offer a wealth of information about the sun. Essentially, it will show the sun and light exposure of any room in the home you own or are looking to buy. For those who are green-fingered, it is also very handy for discovering the exposure of any location in the garden.

The app shows the sun’s path, its winter and summer solstice paths and when it rises and sets, through two main views: a flat compass and augmented reality camera overlay.

It costs £7.99 for Apple devices such as the iPhone and £3.99 for Google products â?? download it at iTunes and Google Play.

Once you’ve installed it the app opens in the flat compass view, which shows the path of the sun. But the real draw is when you switch to the augmented reality view, which overlays the sun’s rays at any given time on the image you see through your camera lens. As you turn, tilt or move around, it continues to show where the sun will be throughout the day.

The app also has a useful interactive map to zoom into a particular property. Its other features include GPS and ‘magnetometre’ to find the latest stats on the sunshine based on your location, and the ability to customise which information is displayed. It claims to work for any location worldwide, so you can even have fun with it when you’re on holiday!

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