Thursday, 20 January 2022

‘Playing fields and road safety have been improved’

‘Playing fields and road safety have been improved’

THE Heights School said that its arrival had brought improvements to the playing fields.

These included better access with a zebra and refuge crossing on Upper Woodcote Road (A4074) and new points of entry.

There were wheelchair-friendly pathways throughout the fields, a new car park, a new playground, new fitness stations and a multi-use games area available for community use outside school hours.

In addition, the pavilion had been upgraded, as had the football pitches.

The school said it had looked at the School Streets scheme with Reading Borough Council’s travel and transport team and it was deemed not appropriate at the moment.

However, the school had been awarded bronze, silver and gold Modeshift Star awards for its commitment to sustainable travel and was now working towards platinum.

The school said a community use agreement specified restrictions on times of use and lighting and residents’ privacy was protected by obscured glazing on the windows overlooking the nearest homes.

Tours of the school were available for all local residents, subject to guidelines, and details were available on its website. Headteacher Karen Edwards said: “We are thrilled to have finally moved to our permanent site in the heart of the Heights community and are incredibly grateful for all the local support which has ensured this outcome.

“It has been wonderful to witness the majority of our families walking to and from school each day and to see a whole range of local residents making the most of all the improvements to Mapledurham playing fields that our school has enabled.

“We look forward to establishing and strengthening positive relationships with our new neighbours and would encourage any comments or concerns to be emailed so we can work together to make this happen.”

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