Saturday, 02 July 2022

Citizen's Advice

IN March the Office for National Statistics reported that approximately 1.7 million people in the UK were experiencing self-reported long covid.

More than half of these had symptoms such as fatigue, loss of sense of smell and inability to breathe properly for at least a year.

This can have a far-reaching impact. In the short term, if you are employed and ill, sick pay may be available and there is information about this on our website if you think you are not receiving the correct amount. Visit www.citizens

If your income has dropped, an online benefit calculator will show whether you may be entitled to additional financial help, such as Universal Credit, council tax reduction and personal independence payment. Details of how to claim benefits, including contact numbers, are also on our website.

An unexpected drop in income means that debts can quickly mount up and it is better to take action to manage the situation sooner rather than later.

You can talk to an adviser on our debt helpline, 0800 240 4420. There is also a link to webchat in the debt section of our website.

If you are being dismissed from work due to long-term illness, there is also advice about this on our website or you can speak to an adviser by calling our adviceline, 0808 278 7907.

There is ongoing research into long covid as so much is still unknown and new groups are forming to provide information and mutual support.

Darius Halpern

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