Thursday, 07 July 2022

Fawley Village Carol Service

Fawley Village Carol Service

AFTER some debate and much consultation with the diocese and much reading of the new tier 4 rules, Fawley village’s unique carol service (known locally as “Fawley’s got Talent”) went ahead in abbreviated form and in plein air.

It was so good that the “village” has decided that all future carol services should be held in the churchyard. There was sufficient space for all who wished to attend to do so in their family bubbles correctly distanced from others.

The weather was kind but sloe gin and mince pies were served at the gate and fire pits helped to make us feel warm. Suzannah Shaw, who always braves the elements to play for our nativity, kindly played the keyboard. Power and light were laid on by Jack Paxman and his Lighthouse Events company.

Between carols villagers sang, recited or read whatever they felt appropriate.

The small children came together to perform their own version of The Twelve Days of Christmas (at Fawley) and a very good dance, Guy Andrews read the chilling tale of Bluebeard but had us all laughing, and Michael Temporal-Darrell sang The Foggy Foggy Dew — again not what most would expect at Christmas but his voice is so beautiful that he could sing a shopping list and we would all be enraptured.

As it was, he “acted” this so well that we were again all laughing.

Then his friend and fellow opera singer, Honour, kindly stepped in to fill a covid-caused space and thrilled us all with her rendition of White Christmas.

Our teenagers gave bible readings and the entire village sang its heart out, as we always do.

As those who organise the carols on the green on Christmas Eve were advised that “singing carols” was not sufficient reason to leave one’s house, they decided we would not do it this year, so we are all doubly pleased that the carol service went ahead.

A good sum of money was raised to help with church costs and we are all grateful to David Napier, our churchwarden, for jumping through hoops to make sure the “powers that be” were happy for us to go ahead.

All in Fawley would like to wish all those not so fortunate a happy, if strange, Christmas.

Lady McAlpine

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