Tuesday, 09 August 2022

Henley Filling Station

THE final Filling Station meeting will be held in the council chamber at Henley town hall on Wednesday, October 10 (7.45pm for 8pm).

This will be an exciting evening of worship and to hear how God is building His church through all its various expressions.

There will be various speakers on the subject of “Extending God’s influence in our area’’.

The local church landcape is changing with a new rector at St Mary’s Church in Henley, a new curate for the Shiplake area, new assistant leaders at Henley Baptist Church and a new church event, Trinity at Four, aimed at young people and families.

We have invited those new leaders who can make it to share a little of what has inspired them to come and what they hope to achieve. They include Rev Jeremy Tayler, new rector of St Mary’s, Sarah Nesbitt, curate for the united benefice of Shiplake, Dunsden and Harpsden, and Rev Sam Brewster, who leads Trinity at Four at Holy Trinity Church in Church Street.

We feel that God may be wanting to do something different and we’re hoping that a new sense of church unity will arise through this rather than the Filling Station, which has tried to fulfil this aim.

Also Maggie and Ed Atkinson are busy launching a new Mockingbird fostering hub for South Oxfordshire.

We are planning to bring Filling Station to a graceful close after Christmas so this is a great chance to pray together. It has had a great seven-plus years, which is much longer than many people thought possible.

Please come and express your support at this event.

There will be no meeting in November while on Wednesday, December 5 there will be a final session at the town hall for Advent with Christmas carols. More details to follow.

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