Friday, 07 August 2020

Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society

THERE are no plans for the Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society to resume its monthly meetings under the current situation but Egyptology is still being provided.

On April 25 Nick Kiff gave an online lecture attended by almost 100 members and friends.

He spoke on “Music in Ancient Egypt”, devoting the first half of his talk to the place music held in ancient Egyptian society — in religious life, celebrations, family events and work. The second half was a brief description of the four types of musical instruments used — idiophones for tinkling, membranophones for striking, aerophones for blowing down and chordophones for plucking.

There were about 25 different instruments in all, played by solemn, shaven-headed priests, highborn ladies in religious processions and barely clothed dancing girls at parties.

Nick’s lecture included some lively images and text extracts.

Non-members can register for any of the forthcoming Zoom events via the website,

Francesca Jones

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