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EGYPTOLOGY is being provided online by the Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society during the coronavirus lockdown.

The lecture on June 13 was called “Egyptian southern frontier: dynasty 12 governors” and was attended by almost 100 members and visitors via Zoom.

Speaking from Spain, Professor Alejandro Jiménez-Serrano introduced us to an area on the high hill opposite the town of Aswan, focusing on the family relationships revealed by tombs and their contents.

People may have seen the professor on a recent TV programme investigating these tombs, some of which were previously undiscovered and intact except for termite infestations.

The tombs have enabled him to build a picture of a powerful governor family dynasty who ruled the area (the border with Nubia and so important for valuable trade and security) for almost 200 years from 1991 BC.

He demonstrated how senior family members had more elaborate tombs than junior branches and how juvenile members of the family who died young were given high titles to help their status in the afterlife.

However, this was not a period when non-royals were buried with rich grave goods, although three detailed boat models were found, carefully lifted and conserved, then destroyed by rough handling by ministry officials taking them to the museum, much to the professor’s chagrin.

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