Tuesday, 02 March 2021

The Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society

THE Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society’s next talk will be on Saturday, November 28 at 2pm.

It is called “Not an empty place” and is by Professor José-R. Pérez-Accinoand.

It is about the latest research at the Royal Cache Wadi, Luxor.

After the discovery of the royal mummies in 1881 and the Lansing excavation campaign in 1920, the Royal Cachette Wadi has traditionally been considered an archeologically empty site.

Since 2017 the C2 Project has undertaken two field campaigns at the site. The results permit to dispute the validity of the previous definition of the valley.

Non-members of the society can register for any of the forthcoming Zoom events a few days before the event via the website, www.tvaes.org.uk

Francesca Jones

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