Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Gap Africa

Gap Africa

GAP-AFRICA is a Henley-based charity working in Kenya to educate more than 7,000 children.

We have a proud record of using 100 per cent of donations to support our work as we are all volunteers and absorb any costs, such as airfares, ourselves.

At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, our villages and schools in the Kikunduku Schools Project seemed to be faring well.

The area we work in is very harsh, remote and unforgiving and suffers from great aridity.

It had seemed that covid-19 didn’t like this much but the latest report from our field liaison officer Georgina reveals that the virus has now penetrated the little enclave that seemed to have escaped the worst.

Here is a pertinent extract from that report:

“The rest of us are well amidst the pandemic but it’s really frightening here that we are experiencing one of highest fatality rates.

“The disturbing thing is that these are turning into names we know. We hope it shall be well for us. I’m happy and eagerly wait for the vaccine.”

The problem is that countries like Kenya, and the rest of Africa, will probably be the last to receive any form of vaccine and this while we in Europe bicker among ourselves about who should get what. The trustees will not now be travelling to the charity in Kenya in 2021 and possibly not in 2022 either because Africa will be so far behind the first world in vaccine acquisition and delivery.

These latest developments have aggravated the situation for our population in the project, which is suffering even more with regard to work and the ability to earn and buy food.


Along with our German partners near Frankfurt, Gap-Africa has been able to feed our villages and communities over the past seven months with emergency rations being distributed from each school. Georgina has been hard pressed to carry out her Gap-Africa duties (all voluntary) as well as keep up with her teaching duties as head of English at Kathyaka Secondary School and then also deal with the knock-on effects of covid on the area.

People turn to her for solace and miracle help simply because she is associated with the charity.

Gap-Africa has worked among the people there for a generation now and we are trusted and supported not only by the communities, but also by all local government agencies.

We need to step up once again and raise emergency donations for this next food appeal and this is urgent judging by Georgina’s normally understated tone.

The trustees understand that charity begins at home but simple humanity demands that we reach out to others less fortunate than ourselves and who have no one to turn to.

If enough people give up the cost of one cup of high street coffee then we can collectively make a huge impact on the lives of hundreds in need through no fault of their own.

Gap-Africa’s trustees and helpers are always available to answer questions and to assist if we can on any fundraising ideas you wish to put in place. All donations can be made using the following details:


Barclays Bank, Henley

Sort Code: 20-39-53

Account Number: 33422186

IBAN: GB10 BUKB 20395333422186


Please reference with your name.

Cheques made out to “Gap-Africa” should be sent to 22 Wilson Avenue, Henley-on-Thames, Oxon, RG9 1ET.

We touch the lives of thousands of children. We also provide clean, safe water, build schools, support the teachers, supply all syllabus and other books and run a basic medical programme and much more.

The “big” rains will start in the next few weeks. If sufficient rain falls in our area the planted crops will bring relief in four or five months’ time.

We need to help them survive until then — that is if the rain arrives where we need it.

Marcel Wagner

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