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Learning isn't just inside the classroom

Learning isn't just inside the classroom

AT a time when the pressure on students and teachers to gain excellent exam results is higher than ever, it is important for schools to recognise the value and extent of learning that goes on outside the classroom as well.

Developing the whole individual and not just the scholarly side is the duty of educational establishments and at Shiplake College the extracurricular life of the pupils is of huge value. At 3.10pm every day at Shiplake College, pupils down their pens and head outside for a full programme of co-curricular and sporting activities.

Three afternoons of the week, and Saturday mornings, are devoted this autumn term to rugby, hockey, rowing, cross country and racquet sports.

Having access to regular outdoor sport is of great importance, not just for physical health and growth, but also vital for mental wellbeing, developing social skills, building character values and learning from the experiences that playing sports brings, such as success and failure.

The other two afternoons see a chance for pupils to challenge themselves with an extraordinary range of extracurricular activities.

Regular options include golf, sailing, archery, canoeing, Combined Cadet Force, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, design and technology club, model making and pilates.

There are more unusual choices available for pupils to try. Parkour, the discipline of freely moving over terrain, buildings and obstacles, is a popular choice and new to the programme this term for younger pupils, along with conjuring, where students can learn how to perform magic tricks. Model United Nations Club is again back on the agenda where students role-play meetings like the Security Council and General Assembly and gain a unique insight into how the United Nations works.

At Shiplake College, developing the determination, resilience and confidence of the students is paramount, helping them to flourish in life at school, university and beyond.

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Across the programmes there is a focus on inclusivity and participation, allowing all pupils to experience a sense of achievement and progress.

In the safe and familiar environment of school, all these activities help pupils to discover new skills in leadership, teamwork, and communication.

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