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Want a garden that gives everyone their own space? Try zoning it for summer

Want a garden that gives everyone their own space? Try zoning it for summer

HOUSEHOLDERS starting to prep their outdoor space for summer are being offered five top tips on how best to zone their gardens on a budget.

Garden design experts at have put together advice on creating different areas in the garden so as to enjoy more space and privacy outdoors.

Their solutions are designed to help make the garden work for every member of the household.

Zoning your garden will make the space feel bigger and gives everyone their own space in nature. Relax and unwind in a chill zone while the kids play in theirs.

Dividing the garden up into different areas with different purposes can make the space feel more organized and is a simple way to make the most of every inch of green space.

Chris Bonnett, of, said: “There are loads of creative ways to break up your plot with recycled materials, screens and new plants.

“Seeing your garden as another room of your home is helpful when zoning. Think about what you would like closest to the house.

“Maybe the children’s area to keep an eye on them, or the dining area so you can get food straight out of the kitchen.

“Whether you need a relaxing spot to read the newspaper, or a play area for burning off steam, these tips will help you achieve it on a budget.”

The five zoning ideas cooked up by Chris and his colleagues are as follows:

1. Dining

Carving some space in the garden for an area to eat al fresco will be appreciated in the summer months. Place the area where you have existing hedgerows as they are great at absorbing noise, so you can enjoy dinner without interruption from the outside world. Patio sets are costly but can be found cheap on local community online selling sites, especially during the spring and autumn.

2. Privacy

Creating a privacy screen is the ultimate easy garden DIY project to gain a concealed area. Apart from nails and a hammer, the quirky yet functional partition can be made solely out of old doors or wooden pallets. Another alternative is wire fencing, as it is a quick to install and unbelievably cheap. Growing climbing plants like a colourful clematis or ivy up the wire will create a private space and a great place to nature spot.

3. Game zone

Creating an area where children can let off steam is ideal for those with little ones. Move old outdoor toys into this space to declutter the rest of the garden. Those tight on space could repurpose a pop-up tent as a magical play area or transform an old work surface into a pool table or table tennis.

4. A pause

When zoning your garden, think about where an extra space could be added to relax in. There are nooks of space in most gardens to create a small relaxation area. Hang a hammock in between a pair of trees to unwind in privacy or place an arbour over an existing seating area to create more shelter. Solid wood arbours are quite expensive, so for a cheaper aesthetically pleasing arbour, cover a plastic arch in jasmine or evergreen honeysuckle climbers.

5. Tidy space

Toys, tools and bikes all make a garden look messy when strewn around. Dedicate a zone to clutter, so it doesn’t interrupt the other areas. Make some extra shelves out of old wood and put them up to keep the shed organised. If the lawn is still covered in items, consider purchasing an external storage box to keep your belongings safe and tucked out of the way.

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