Tuesday, 24 November 2020

'Stasi-style inspection of bins is causing more fly-tipping'

FLY-TIPPING is creating extra work for Sonning Common’s village cleaner, writes Connor McLoughlin.

Parish clerk Philip Collings said Oxfordshire County Council’s new rules for commercial vehicles using its recycling centres have led to increased rubbish dumping.

Another cause was South Oxfordshire District Council’s decision to inspect household recycling bins to catch residents misusing the service. Mr Collings said: “We are now seeing the effects of the district council’s manic drive to meet Government/EU recycling targets by taking a Stasi-esque approach to exploring the contents of people’s green bins.

“This is causing a small but nonetheless significant number of households to decide that it is easier for them to dump bags of mixed rubbish in litter bins all over the village rather than sort it out in line with the edicts.”

Mr Collings said that as well as creating more work for cleaner Mark Weston, it was increasing the parish council’s costs and it might have to buy a larger waste cart for Mr Weston.

Mr Collings added: “So, in order to enable county and district councillors to preen themselves on their recycling achievements, we are being buried in rubbish and picking up real costs.

“It is already clear that parishes all over the country are suffering from the fly-tipping epidemic but I don’t know if they are similarly afflicted by the efforts of the green bin Stasi.” Meawhile, an industrial bin will be bought for the rubbish collected by Mr Weston in Peppard, where he is also the village cleaner.

The parish council will pay waste contractor Grundon £378 for the bin, which will be stored at Mr Weston’s home and emptied every four weeks.

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