Saturday, 14 December 2019

Ed Gemmell, Wycombe (Independent)

Ed Gemmell, Wycombe (Independent)

Ed Gemmell (Independent)

I HAVE one aim — to reverse climate change.

I am a single father living in Hazlemere, a park runner and hockey coach, who runs a marketing company. I speaks regularly at schools, businesses, places of worship and at events on waste and climate change. I have founded climate change reverse organisations including No Disposable Cup Day and Believers Against Climate Change.

Time has run out. The UN gives us just over 10 years to keep global heating under 1.5C. Total focus is needed to protect our children’s future on this planet.

So-called politicians have left us without leadership on this cataclysmic issue.

If we do not act now, then within a few decades there will be an estimated 1.3 billion people displaced from areas affected by lethal weather conditions and wars fought by our children over drinking water.

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