Thursday, 12 December 2019

Emily Tomalin, Wycombe (Green)

Emily Tomalin, Wycombe (Green)

Emily Tomalin (Green)

THE news about climate chaos is sad and terrifying. We have already lost much of the Great Barrier Reef and bumble bees are threatened with extinction, yet people are buying larger, gas-guzzling cars.

We have enough for everyone’s need but not for everyone’s greed.

I have worked all my life on green solutions to create a fairer, healthier society. Austerity has gone too far, creating poverty and weakening our communities.

The Green Party vision is to shift taxation on to carbon and the income will be returned to people as a universal basic income, more clean public transport (think electric buses and trains), low-energy homes and wildlife-friendly farming.

It’s a dynamic, fair and healthy vision and a sustainable base for communities and businesses, while tackling the danger of climate chaos.

I am a retired engineer, who worked on wind farms in Wales and locally for Thames Valley Energy on solar energy and energy efficiency.

I advised housing solutions in the Maidenhead area and on installing solar panels, which led to large scale installations and reduced energy bills for renters.

I was a founding director of innovative local energy business MaidEnergy Co-op.

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