Sunday, 15 December 2019

Mitchell Feierstein, Reading East (Brexit Party)

Mitchell Feierstein, Reading East (Brexit Party)

Mitchell Feierstein (Brexit Party)

CRISIS often precipitates change — and it is apparent that the Establishment is leading us down the road towards crisis.

But crisis does not need to be the catalyst for change. Your anger, your voice and your vote are pivotal in delivering
economic improvement and guarding our sovereignty.

I arrived from New York in 2000 for a temporary assignment and ended up making it my home for nearly 20 years because of its civility, dynamism and culture. These unique qualities need to be allowed to foster and grow, not smothered by Brussels bureaucracy.

The evidence shows that the UK’s future will realistically be better off outside the EU and I can help ensure that we enjoy the independence, liberty and democratic principles we deserve.

I guarantee that I will not mindlessly accept the status quo; I will question the Establishment while advocating for a united Britain. I will carefully consider every constituent’s principles and values when taking positions that impact our community.

Together, we can disrupt the status quo and change politics for good. This gives us an opportunity to provide governance for the people, which begins with your vote.

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