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Scheme would have economic benefits, says developer

Scheme would have economic benefits, says developer

CROUDACE Homes says the Bridge Farm development would provide economic benefits.

These would include an estimated £4.8 million the developer would have to pay under the community infrastructure levy.

A planning statement, submitted by consultants Boyer, says: “The proposed development will have some temporary landscape and visual impacts.

“However, the effect of the development on the character and visual appearance of the wider countryside will not be significant.

“The land is not subject to any statutory and national landscape designations and public views into the site are very limited.

“While the application does not assess the borough council’s five-year housing land supply as a determining issue, it is likely that the delayed production of the local plan update will have a detrimental impact on the council’s housing land supply and increase the challenge of sustaining a five-year supply.”

The statement also says that “no major capacity constraints have been identified in respect of education or medical service provision”. There is currently access to the land from the New Bath Road and Wargrave Road via a bridge over the railway line.

However, the bridge is not capable of serving the development and a new roundabout is proposed for the A4.

The developer’s website says: “Bridge Farm provides excellent pedestrian connections to the centre of Twyford. There is an opportunity to form new vehicular access points on the A4 to direct traffic away from the centre of the village, while allowing for direct pedestrian access to Wargrave Road, over the railway bridge. The new homes will be designed to be low carbon and the scheme will set aside significant areas for biodiversity enhancement, together with a riverside park.

“Being located next to the River Loddon, part of the wider site is susceptible to flooding and is not suitable for development.

“However, this constraint does present an opportunity to provide large areas of land for biodiversity enhancements and parkland as part of a holistic scheme.”

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