Tuesday, 09 August 2022

Silversmiths graduate in style

SEVEN silversmiths and jewellers have graduated from Dunsden training programme Bishopsland to mark its 21st birthday.

A range of work by artists who completed the 44-week course and alumni went on display at the Bishopsland Retrospective exhibition. The four-day show also featured demonstrations and viewings.

Vice-principal Oliver Makower said: "A lot of work was sold and a lot was admired. We were thrilled as for the first time ever every member of the gang who was graduating sold something."

This year's graduates were Serena Wilson, Nina Rithalia, Hidenori Shimizu, Grace Sheldrick, Sarah Silve, Zoe Stevens and Fenella Watson.

More than 160 craftsmen and women have passed through Bishopsland since it was established in 1993 and more than 60 per cent are still working in silversmithing or jewellery.

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