Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Fence plans rejected

PLANS to install an electric fence to protect a cricket square have been rejected by Peppard Parish Council.

Peppard Stoke Row Cricket Club, who use the sports field in Stoke Row Road, wanted it installed to protect the surface.

They say dogs are urinating on the pitch and rabbits are eating new seedlings. There have also been problems with moles and deer.

The council are the trustees of the land and pavilion.

Councillor Valerie Ross said she was concerned that children could 

She said: “It’s worrying when children could be running around. Having 2,000 volts up your arm would really sting.”

Councillor Tony Rancombe added: “We are in the countryside, what do they expect? People would notice an electric fence.”

Councillor Tony Cotton suggested putting a rope around the club’s square with signage asking people to stop their dogs from going on it.

He said: “We live in country where there are rules about village greens and commons. I don’t think anyone would question having a rope around it.”

Meanwhile, two trees on the sports field will be cut down as they are unsafe.

The trees are also getting in the way of the sight screen when the club are using the ground.

Councillor Rancombe said he would ask a contractor used by the Nettlebed and District Commons Conservators, where he is also a member.

He said: “These trees have got to be taken down, I think they are a risk.

“We can take them down then leave the wood there so people can take it and use it.”

The parish council will also ask for two stumps in the car park to be removed.


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