Friday, 19 August 2022

Wish upon a sycamore and make your dreams come true

Wish upon a sycamore and make your dreams come true

A SYCAMORE tree in Marsh Meadows, Henley, has been designated as a wishing tree.

About 15 people attended the official opening of the tree on Friday evening, where each person tied a ribbon to the tree and made a wish.

There will be a plaque fixed into the ground by the tree, which is close to where the Thames towpath joins Mill Lane. It is also near the “healing glade”, a collection of nine trees that were planted in 2014 in a formation inspired by “sacred geometry”.

Both projects have been spearheaded by Val Stoner, a reiki and crystal healing therapist who lives in Wyndale Close. She suggested having a wishing tree to the town council in July and it agreed.

During the ceremony Mrs Stoner, who attended the opening with her husband Jim, gave a history of wishing trees. She said the tree had healing qualities and that its inner sap was useful for wound dressing.

After the introduction everyone was given a ribbon to tie to the tree and a glass of mead.

Mrs Stoner said: “People bring their own ribbon, tie it to the tree and make a wish for the highest good.

“When we do that with the support of the tree it will help us to make that dream or wish come true.  It’s beautiful here and we are lucky to have a wonderful park and town, which is such an incredible place.”

Henley Mayor Kellie Hinton said the town council was happy to support it. She said: “The wishing tree is something very positive. You hear about things bringing us down and lots of negative things but this goes against that. There’s something about Marsh Meadows as a place for reflection. This is the perfect project to complement a place like this.”

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