Sunday, 19 May 2019

Clean Air For Henley

OUR No Idling campaign has now visited the six primary schools in Henley and had a most enthusiastic reception from pupils and staff.

The day has consisted of a discussion at the school assembly, a Snakes and Ladders game, crosswords and an informal meeting with parents at the school gates.

Our objective is to get drivers to switch off their car engines when parked to avoid wasting fuel and causing pollution.

We also cover the benefits of walking and scooting to school, of planting trees, of using the town bus and of electric cars in our effort to reduce the high numbers of inhalers being used in our schools.

The centre of Henley fails to meet air quality standards and it needs all our help to make it better.

Idling is a waste of money, resulting in increased risk of cancer, asthma, bronchitis and heart disease.

People inside cars are exposed to high levels of air pollution with children espcially at risk of harmful effects.

An idling vehicle emits 20 times more pollution than one travelling at 32mph.

Please switch off your engines for cleaner air.

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